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What always comes to mind when I try to be a human being, or an existing creature that is living in its times, is what Chronis Missios once said: "When I realized that I cannot change the system, I put all my energy, so the system won't change me". By extension, this is the way I see every city that I travel, and I live in. In addition, this is the way I take images for the fleeting delusion of freedom. The freedom to observe and describe the world in pictures. The freedom and the slavery to love, fear and consume. I am convinced to add that any action against the system is doomed to fail as it seems to absorb, consume and re-promote this very act of resistance in the form of fashion or subculture, or both. This book has the same destiny since this book is on sale by the same system. ‘’In a moment we'll start collecting clues as to the whys, the what's and the where's. We will not end the nightmare. We'll only explain it. Because this is the twilight zone.’’ (03x14 - Five Characters in Search of an Exit)

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