Kostis Argyriadis is a photographer born in 1981 in Thessaloniki, Greece.


He attended ESP Photography with scholarship.

He studied under Stratos Kalafatis.

His photography vision currently lies within the triviality of everyday urban and life patterns.



''Nude affiliation and portraiture'', collective exhibition, Pepney Gallery

''Grotesque!'' , part of collective exhibition of CType Magazine, Bangkok, Thailand

''Human Mind'' collective exhibition, Tebbs Gallery

''Estate Fotografia Siracusa Festival'' collective exhibition

''Lacuna Festival'' collective exhibition

''Same as You'' beamcollective, collective exhibition

''Grotesque!'' part of collective exhibition , ArtNumber23, Athens

''The Sea and the Brain'' video art part of Eneagrama Festival

''Trieste Photo Days Festival" ''Mythography'' collective book published/presentation

''Dante''  collective book published/presentation

''I.D.'' collective book published



‘’The Moscow Derivative’’, solo exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil, Russia

‘’Parallel Voices’’, Photometria Festival, Ioannina, collective exhibition

‘’Oxymoron’’, solo exhibition. Τhe room at Pikap , Thessaloniki 

‘’Balkans Today. The present of a wounded landscape’’, Athens, collective exhibition



''City, Noun, Female''  collective exhibition,Thessaloniki, multispace Ipsilon

‘’Art in Thessaloniki 2018-2019’’ at Casa Bianka, collective exhibition

‘’Oxymoron’’ solo exhibition in MrJones Cooperative

''City, Noun, Female''  published by Tzimas Cosmetics

‘’I have a dream’’ Photometria Festival exhibition, Ioannina, collective exhibition

                              Esp gallery, Thessaloniki

                              Melanithros art space, Athens


“Thessaloniki. Looking at Time Through Moments. Photographs 1900-2017”, Museum of European Culture's, Berlin, collective exhibition


Festival Circulations in Paris, collective exhibition


‘’Every Day, Every City’’ , Ianos Art Gallery in Athens  

                                          Ianos Art Gallery in Thessaloniki


‘’Every Day, Every City’’ published  by Agra Publications

‘’Every Day, Every City’’, solo exhibition, National Bank of Greece’s Cultural Foundation

‘’A Walk in the City’’, collective exhibition, Casa Bianca, Thessaloniki

‘’ RE:ACT VOL II’’ , Block33, Thessaloniki, collective exhibition


‘’Beh Cinar, a walk in the city’’ published by University Studio Press

‘’Beh Cinar’’ collective exhibition, Stereosis art gallery

                                                         Block 33, Thessaloniki

‘’RE:ACT VOL I’’ ,Block33, Thessaloniki, collective exhibition





His works are part of the Municipality of Thessaloniki’s Art Gallery and at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki's School of Political Sciences.